Chin State

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The almost undiscovered Chin State is located at the western part of Myanmar. The very primitive living styles of people and their reed matting houses with bamboo pillars decorated with buffalo bones they hunt delight visitors to this hidden state.


Mount Victoria (Nat Ma Taung in Burmese, or Khonuamthung in the local Chin language) is the tallest mountain in the Chin State and third tallest in Myanmar. It is 3,053m (10,016 ft) above sea level. Both Mt. Victoria and the surrounding area are part of the Nat Ma Taung National Park, an ASEAN Heritage park that covers 72,300 hectares in the Chin Hills. The Nat Ma Taung National Park, home to a variety of rare and beautiful flora and fauna has been awarded ASEAN Heritage Park  status and of  Outstanding Universal Value by UNESCO.

Chin People are the primary ethnic group of the Chin State who has many related languages, cultures and traditions. There are also many tribes such as Cumtu, Asho, Matu, Laitu, Ngara, Yin Du, Dai and Okpu who speak different dialects and have different costumes. The last remaining tribes of Chin women are unique with their tattooed faces which historically exist as a way of disfiguring their beauty, to make themselves unattractive in hopes that by doing so, they could avoid being kidnapped or chosen as concubines by the Burmese kings in ancient times.

The key-heart of Chin State, Rih Dil Lake is incredibly emerged in northwestern state of Chin with virgin heart-shaped outline bounded by numerous fungus. The lake is difficult to access due to its remote area. Although the lake is located in a remote area, it is still possible to go there, being the most common way of doing so with a mini-bus from Monywa.

The joyous combination of harvest thanksgiving and New Year celebration, the Khuado festival is making a comeback in Chin State after a quarter of a century. Sacred to ethnic Zomi, the festival was celebrated on October in Tiddim township after the crops were gathered in.

For visitors, it is an opportunity to get a closer understanding of this elusive land and its people and experience the food, songs, dances and customs of Chin tribe.

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