Animal in Tourism

Since Myanmar is one of the last countries in the region to use animals’ power for cultivation, transportation and wood production but Myanmar peoples are not willing to serve those animals in the tourism industry like others. However, Tourism trend is changing due to high demand and competitiveness. Most of the responsible tour operators are balancing and avoiding animal […]

How to Be a Responsible Traveller?

Travel is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Exploring new countries, learning about different cultures and trying adventures is something that can change your perspectives on life forever. Being a responsible traveller is easy. It does not require much effort and in fact, it can make your experience much more authentic and real. Responsible […]

MV Green Guidelines

Myanmar Voyages has Green Guidelines which promote sustainable practices on 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We share these practices not only within our team, but also with suppliers, clients and other stakeholders, strongly encouraging them to follow. The objective is to contribute & to preserve Myanmar natural resources and develop the country in a healthy […]

MV Green Treat

Since Myanmar Voyages is a leading Eco-friendly Tourism Entrepreneur in Myanmar, all of MV’s Inbound and Outbound guests are  being facilitated the following services : ( 1 ) Provide Plastic free reusable water bottles with customized particular company logo as a souvenir and promote for partner’s brand. (Free drinking water can be refilled at fresh water stations not […]

Sustainability Policy

Myanmar Voyages Sustainability Policy Myanmar Voyages has established “Sustainability Policy” which promotes sustainable practices on social and environmental commitments. The policy explained the practices not only to employees but also to our clients and stakeholders. 1. Sustainability at Myanmar Voyages Myanmar Voyages’ role in society is to facilitate tourism activities and stimulate economic development in […]

Travel Life Partner

Sustainability Report 2019 Why! Myanmar Voyages involved in Travel Life  Today global sustainability is a vital role for all of our future and three major factors are being involved in sustainable tourism. Key issues are to minimize negative economic environmental and social impacts.  Sustainable Tourism generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the […]

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