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Myanmar Beaches

Ngapali Stretching over 3km of white sandy coast, Ngapali Beach being dubbed as a name of Napoli Beach is the truly amazing paradise. Located in Rakhine State, the town is close to a small town of Thandwe, a direct flight from Yangon is unspoiled and isolated by the mountain range. Walking along a series of palm trees, swimming in clear blue-green wave-ye sea, and chill inside a small hub, this magical paradise is no doubt by far the best beach in Myanmar. Read a favourite book while deliciously treat for natural tanning session, Ngapali is the one visitors can only imagine for the perfect way out to relax and chill. The nearby islands are also worth visiting for a day-out to explore unspoiled villages, encounter with locals, and snorkeling are always the top up refreshing activities. Ngapali sunset is unarguably one of the most spectacular scenes in SE Asia. The silver colored popular mermaid statue overlooking the sea is the symbol of the beach since colonial era. Surfing over the high waves also offers unforgettable memory for experience surf lovers. In fact, Ngapali is the perfect place to finish off Myanmar trip while relaxing with sun, sand, and certainly a peaceful surrounding. Ngwe Saung Once a small fishing village, a beautifully unspoiled and a vast of purely white sandy beach is relatively new leisure destination. Located on the Western coast of Myanmar, the Bay of Bengal, this paradise is about 5 hours drive from Yangon. The landscape along the way is amusing, since visitors can explore the Delta Region, being named “the pot of rice” for its quality and the endless rice fields in the region. The name “Ngwe Saung” can be translated to “Silver Beach” is definitely the match to realize as soon as visitors set foot at the beach. Visitors are encouraged to seek out daily activities of local fishermen shipping out to the sea, tasting deliciously homemade meals from family run restaurants in the village, and observing the wild nature of neighboring islands, continuously gives a tonic experience. On the contrary, purely restful seekers can also relax at their resorts since Ngwe Saung provides the most sincere and quiet environment.