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Mergui Archipelago (Southern Part of Myanmar)

A beautiful chain of islands scattered across Andamen Sea, located in the southernmost tip of Myanmar, named Mregui also known as Myeik Archipelago is one of the world’s most hidden natural paradise destinations. Comprises over 800 unspoiled islands covering about 36,000 sq km, they are the home to the sea gypsies so called Monken (Salone) people who reportedly can dive into the depth of over 60 metres with rock tied round their waists breathing through an air hose held above the surface of the water. Still largely untouched by civilisation, these people are famous for their piracy behaviour as their autonomous way of life and customs. Their customs includes living on their boats during summer, and staying up on island in rainy season. Various wild animals including deer, monkeys, tropical birds are freely thriving on the islands. With the nature’s bless, islands are filled with an array of marine wildlife under crystal blue water. This rich biodiversity region is the perfect place for snorkeling by the sea, and trekking on islands. The world famous diving sites such as the Burma Banks, Roe Banks, Western Rocky, South Twins, North Twins, Shark’s Caves, and famous island number 115, Great Swinton are the treasures of the region. Visitors may even have a chance to encounter with Monken natives during the trip. Due to its wild weather condition, travelling to Mregui Archipelago islands are limited, and open from Oct until April. Visitors can reach to the island putting up a bit of effort with experiencing adventurous nature. Firstly, take a scheduled domestic flight from Yangon - Myeik or Kawthaung although the flight times are expected to change due to weather conditions and other unpredictable circumstances. Once visitors get to one of these towns, visitors are ready to venture out to the islands by boats.