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Bagan (Ancient City of Myanmar)

Famously once known as a home of four million pagodas, this magnificent old town was ruled by famous Kings back in 2000 years. The town is located on the eastern bank of Ayeyawaddy River, and about 688km distance from Yangon. Bagan had been an important city since King Pyinpya in 8th century, although the city has become the capital of First Myanmar Empire established by King Anawrahta in mid 11th century. Ultimately, the introduction of Theravada Buddhism to the region is the signature of this ancient capital. For the next few centuries, Bagan enjoyed its golden glorious days with some of the grandest and impressive temples and pagodas of Myanmar History. In modern days, more than half of the pagodas were destroyed by earthquake in 1975. The town’s archeology zone has over three thousand pagodas built between 11th to 13th centuries. Over the sandy lanes, visitors can experience locals’ ox carts carrying stacks of hays is the tranquil solitude scene of Bagan. Thousands of pagodas can be reached from these lanes by using bike, scooter, and even the traditional horse-cart.