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Yangon (Economic & Business Centre of Myanmar)

The former capital, Yangon (Rangoon) is the business capital of Myanmar and being dubbed “The Garden City of the East”. With an array of Colonial Buildings decorated along leafy avenues with tropical trees, Yangon is certainly a must see for anyone who wants to explore the different side of Asia. Yangon was founded in 1755 by King Alayungphaya, who gave the name Yangon, meaning “End of Strife”. During Colonial Era, Yangon has become the capital of Myanmar from a port town and served the country’s entrance and main seaport. Over the decades, the city is expanded and setting along Yangon, Bago and Hlaing rivers. Being the country’s largest city, the urban area has reached the home of almost 6 million populations. Newly built modern skyscrapers popping up around the city, while plenty of heritage buildings are well maintained in a huge chunk of the downtown area retaining much of its golden colonial era is the city’s unique features. Yangon has more to offer than its impressive scenery. A diversity of cultures and people, the city has plenty of impressive Golden Pagodas, while Temples and Churches are also the evidence of rich cultural diversity. Yangon is also the place for shopping and sample the taste of Myanmar’s urban lifestyle. Bogyoke Market, also known as Scott’s Market is located in downtown, and is the long standing market since colonial period. The market is filled with a cluster of stalls selling from locally made souvenirs such as handicrafts, jewllery, t-shirts to cutting-edge semi-modern accessories. Tea shops along many of Yangon’s streets are the place for locals’ energy boosting corners. People sit there to chill, relax and sometimes even seal the business deal is one of the ways of Myanmar’s custom. High end posh bars and exclusive fine dining restaurants are also worth to experience the other side of Yangon’s life. There are several attractions to explore in Yangon. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find such many places of interest which can keep them busy for days. These include places of spiritual nature, lakes and museums that provide an insight into the rich history and culture of Myanmar. Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar by International Flights and Cruise Ships.